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Rotary Gear Pump Series "DR"

Rotary Gear Pump Series

Rotary Gear Pump Series

Apollo Mechanical Industries offers most efficient and economic range of Positive Attitude Rotary Gear Pumps under the brand name "Durga" having Extra Ordinary features, Simple & Compact Design, Low noise, High Spirit, Easy to maintain, reliable and Lower Price.

"Durga" Rotary Gear Pumps are ideal for Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Oil, Steel, Refining, Paints, Dairy, Sugar, & Pharmaceutical Industries. The pumps are useful for handling viscous Liquids i.e. all kinds of oils, viscous chemicals & food application.

  Rotary Gear Pump Characteristics

All Positive displacement rotary gear pumps are self priming pumps in which the efficiency of transferring the liquid is deter mined by the cavity between the gear teeth.The accuracy in capacity thus depends upon the accuracy of teeth cutting and its profile. The DR series of Durga gear pumps has modified profile teeth cutting yield accurate capacity within the force range. The double helical heringesbone gear design delivers constant volume without any pulsation. It also avoids internal slipage and gives great volumetric efficiency.

All Durga gear pumps are self priming type pump with suction lift of 5 metres at mean viscocity and speed of 1440 RPM. The liquid flows into the pump due to a difference in pressure is called NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), the accurate calculation of which is very much necessary for the selection of a pump. When the suction lift is more than 5 meters the pump has to be run at slow speed.

The discharge pressure indicated by the pump is nothing but the over coming of pressure exerted by the resistance of the pipeline and the shearing force of the Liquid.Thus a gear pump does not develope pressure by its own but work against the system pressure exerted on it.


Series - DR


Size BSP

Capacity LPM

DR-050 1/2" 20
DR-075 3/4" 30
DR-100 1" 50
DR-125 11/4" 75
DR-150 11/5" 110
DR-200 2" 225
DR-250 21/2" 350
DR-300 3" 500


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